Clinical Research Telecommunications

Optus Research & Analytics has the operational, care coordination, Telecommunications and technical capabilities to support your organization in the era of healthcare reform.

We understand that providing you with a high-quality statistical framework to transcend scientific context to clinical practice findings - is essential to achieving your research goals.

We provide innovative insights and solutions to manage payer, provider and consumer-facing clinical, financial, quality and performance concerns inherent in the evolving regulatory and business landscapes. We serve our clients by understanding and responding to current business needs as well as helping them to identify strategies and apply anticipatory guidance to future market and operational trends. Optus Research & Analytics looks deeper to optimize outcomes, reduce costs and drive revenue. This broad, yet comprehensive, approach includes market-proven decision Telecommunications combined with business process management services, the technically superior care management platform Care Radius, operational capacity planning processes, and clinical care professionals. Optus Research & Analytics is committed to providing the healthcare industry with the tools and clinical resources needed to enhance quality outcomes while achieving cost effective delivery of care in a high performance organizational environment.

Mountains of consumer data alone do not automatically yield marketing success. And decision Telecommunications for corporate marketers is About Usmore than incremental gains to ongoing efforts. Optus Research & Analytics looks deeper at marketing Telecommunications to help clients uncover new revenue streams and tap customer sentiment to respond more quickly to tastes and needs. We leverage award-winning techniques that utilize structured and unstructured data, like social media, to help banks target a wide-open small business customer base more efficiently and with a better return. We help clients develop new lending and insurance products and help our clients increase wallet share. We go beyond simply analyzing data to improve customer targeting and analyze campaign performance.

We live in a world of data abundance, but are underwhelmed by paucity of insights. The sheer complexity of storing and indexing large data stores, as well as the information models required to access and make sense of them, is burdensome to all companies, regardless of size and industry. Uncovering new insights from big data – contained in both structured (transactional) data and unstructured/semi-structured (interactional) formats -- requires prioritizing, organizing and validating on the back end and employing front-end analytical tools that are accessible to knowledge workers. It’s bigger than merely changing out technology; it also requires a delicate overhaul of key knowledge processes to ensure that signal is applied and noise is discarded.

A well-executed big data program provides the opportunity to uncover hidden markets, reveal unmet customer needs and cost savings opportunities and drive game-changing, meaningful improvements in everything from shipping efficiencies to medical treatments, to social media campaigns and related digital marketing promotions.

Our work with leading clients worldwide reveals the following big data Telecommunications best practices:

stablish processes and organizational structures, then choose the best tools to solve high-value business problems. As you experiment, continuously refine existing processes -- and create new ones -- and acquire tried and true tools to support big data. Be cost conscious, of course, but focus primarily on agility and speed of decision making, as well as ease of use by Non-technical knowledge workers. Don’t underestimate the importance of master data management. The need for a single version of truth is especially true for big data Telecommunications initiatives. Train your staff in the databases, technologies and ontologies required to build, manage and extend big data capture and subsequent analysis. If you lack big data Telecommunications skills, you are not alone. Consider Telecommunications as-a-service to provide a cost-effective, standardized way of supplementing internal talent and adding horsepower to prosper from big data Telecommunications.

A more virtual and globalized world requires businesses to work proactively and anticipate change before it happens. Big data Telecommunications can help businesses meet this challenge, but only if they align tools, processes and organizational structures to advance operational agility and deliver business results.